Our Methodology

At ATAL, we strive to provide paramount integrity and enthusiasm to achieve the goals that the client envisions. We hold the value of building honest and reliable relationships with our clients at the highest regard, while still creating cost-effective, top notch design. To us, the design process is a collaborative effort, where our role is to work relentlessly to provide the utmost level of customer service.

Our Firm

Our firm believes in our clients, and their dreams. We strive to make sustainable and meaningful connections with our clients, so that our success, as a collaborative team, is as efficient and effective as possible. With custom residential and commercial projects spanning across Saskatchewan, including Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, and through the Southern region, we believe it is our responsibility, beyond a project’s success, to improve the communities that surround these dreams with significant and positive impacts.

Our Team

We have a team dedicated to push creative boundaries.