Gardens on Rose

Regina, Saskatchewan 

The project at 2055 Rose St. began with our client’s passion for tall buildings and was inspired by a single phrase. But to tell this story, we have to go back to a previous project. 

For ten years, our client worked to transform a federal government office building – many Reginans know it as the Motherwell Building – into what today is a successful downtown luxury condominium called Victoria Place (1901 Victoria Ave.). The project involved the addition of four floors to the top of the structure. Along the way, Alton Tangedal Architect Ltd. collaborated with the client, who faced every possible challenge that could arise from the redevelopment of such a tower, but saw it through to a successful end that pleased both Victoria Place condo buyers and the project’s investors.

Our client came away from that experience with a desire to build an original tall building. The phrase Gardens on Rose was the inspiration for numerous design elements. Commercial spaces sit at the base of the building, each with an outdoor garden-style patio featuring plants and garden fences adjacent to the sidewalk. The western facade features a vertical column of glass that extends from the second floor to the 13th. Behind this class curtain, each residential floor features high ceiling lobbies. These solarium’s enjoy high volumes of uninterrupted sunlight year round and host indoor decorative gardens. Finally, the roof of Gardens on Rose features an outdoor patio, garden, and BBQ area; an indoor/outdoor glass-walled patio with hot tub; an enclosed exercise room; an indoor shared lounge with kitchen for parties and events; and terrific views of Wascana Centre and the rest of the Queen City from 13 storeys high.

Gardens on Rose contains 61 units, providing two heated parking stalls per unit, all tastefully concealed within the first four floors of the structure. Fifth floor residents enjoy partitioned outdoor patio space on the podium that wraps around the south, west, and north sides of the building. Each owner from the sixth to the 11th floor enjoys large balconies, and the 12th floor setback provides penthouse residents their own partitioned terrace. All private outdoor spaces feature amazing views of the city.

Alton Tangedal Architect Ltd. was pleased to consult with the City of Regina on this project to ensure Gardens on Rose contributes to downtown’s built environment. The first floor plan features two businesses at street level and outdoor patio space that enhances the interaction of the building with pedestrians. The building was designed to be stepped back from the fifth floor up to limit the blockage of sunlight on surrounding areas. In the end, the consultations with the city made Gardens on Rose a better building for both the client and the downtown area.