Woodhams Strip Mall

Regina, Saskatchewan

For a time, an abandoned convenience store and gas bar was all that sat near the corner of Prince of Wales and Woodhams Drive. The southeast Regina area hadn’t seen much development, but the neighbourhood changed and demand emerged for commercial facilities. The property’s owner approached Alton Tangedal Architect Ltd. with a desire to construct commercial retail units at the site.

The one-storey 10,300 square foot multi-tenant commercial retail space features an undulating facade. One retail space is stepped inward, while the adjacent space is stepped outward. One entrance has a canopy held up by wood, while another has masonry finishes. In this way, each business owner has a distinguishable identity from her neighbour’s business. Keen-eyed visitors to Woodhams will recognize the use of real wood, contrasted by galvanized metal giving the mall a contemporary appearance. The mall is stepped-back from Prince of Wales Dr., providing each retail unit clear visibility from the street.